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With Luna Intranet, we want to improve your workaday. Instead of using multiple different software systems, Luna Intranet combines services into one easy-to-use system. With flexible modules and personalized support, you’ll  be able to manage your intranet all by yourself - in no time flat.

Standard Always included

To ensure you have a good start with your intranet, the standard module offers all the basic functionalities.

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  • Content Delivery

    You can independently create, edit, and publish the content for your intranet with your CMS. Be creative and combine the various templates with the different blocks to create unique content experiences for your users. It is easy-to-use and with our success package, we will support you all of the way.

  • Knowledge Management

    Manage your company’s knowledge and make relevant information available to your entire workforce, no matter how they interact with your systems.

  • User Management

    Your administrator sets up user accounts and can assign or revoke access authorizations. The identification of the user takes place via a user name and an associated password (an email is not required, but can be used). All of this can also be automated by using our Single-Sign-on module to connect with your Active Directory.

  • Employee Directory

    Each employee has their own employee profile with many characterizing attributes. Both the administrator and the user are able to manage profiles. The directory is an integral part of the corporate intranet page and allows employees to connect through the search button.

  • Global search

    This type of search can perform a precise full-text search by indexing all the uploaded documents on your intranet. Simply enter a word in the search field and watch as all documents containing the specified word show up. The global search, searches across all your content and modules and displays the results in categories. We add text processing algorithms to uploaded documents to create a better search index. By adding individual keywords and tags to documents and content, you can improve the overall search experience for your users.

  • Optimized for mobile devices

    Your new intranet can adapt with ease to the various display sizes of your smartphones or tablets and has an overall improved usability for touch enabled devices.

  • Always accessible

    Offer your users secure access to your company’s data and information from anywhere in the world.

  • Hosting and operation of the solution

    We host and operate your intranet, while providing the technical infrastructure needed to keep your software up-to-date.

Content and Knowledge Management

Managing content has never been easier. Authorized intranet users can enter and edit the content on the intranet itself. In the history section, older page versions can be reloaded and all changes made can be checked. A new feature is the auditing mode. When this mode is activated, a person will be assigned to check and approve the page. Furthermore, comments can be made on the intranet, which are managed by the PageOwner. Luna Intranet is a multilingual platform, all content can be entered in multiple languages. Content that is displayed on the intranet is administered and edited in the media and document management system. The integrated DMS (Document Management System) offers all functions for a smooth workflow of documents.

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  • Content Delivery

    You can independently create, edit, and publish the content for your intranet with your CMS. Be creative and combine the various templates with the different blocks to create unique content experiences for your users. It is easy-to-use and with our success package, we will support you all of the way.

  • Knowledge Management

    Manage your company's knowledge with the intranet and make relevant information available to all end users.

  • Media and Document Management

    The media and document management offer comprehensive functions for capturing supplementary information which is displayed in the content of the intranet.

Jobs and applications

Is your inbox full of applications and you've lost track of who you've written what to? The new Luna module simplifies your work. It lets you manage the whole process in the tool itself.

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Job and application (EN)@2x
  • Job advertisements

    Advertise your new vacant job directly via the module. All you have to do is enter the job title, employment criteria and a brief job description. With just a few clicks, the job is already posted. In addition, you can see in real-time how many candidates have applied for the position.

  • Candidates

    Candidates apply through an application form. The application documents are sent directly to the module. You can view the applications, evaluate the candidates and send messages at any time.

  • Reporting

    Reporting is a unique feature of this module. For each job advertisement you will receive various statistics, which you can easily export as a list.


The Critical Incident Reporting System (CIRS) is a reporting system of critical incidents and near misses to improve patient safety. This Module offers all the necessary functions and workflows for the successful use of a CIRS, all of which can be accessed directly from the intranet.

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  • Compose

    Critical incidents are reported anonymously by employees. The cases are then individually categorized

  • Revise

    The received incidents are clearly structured and assign the responsible person(s) the ability to proceed with the workflows.

  • Measure and evaluate

    The module has an integrated measuring tool to improve quality management. If some more analysis is needed, the report can be exported as an Excel.

Service Desk

Luna's ticket system is the solution for a successful customer experience. The service desk module is tailored for your employees. Questions or requests are quickly entered and forwarded to the responsible person or division to provide excellent support.

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  • Submit

    An employee raises a ticket regarding a bug that has occurred. The employee can categorize and describe their questions and can upload screenshots. They can check the status of their submitted ticket at any time and can communicate directly with the responsible person via the module.

  • Edit

    The responsible person receives a notification. They process the ticket and answer directly with the notifier via module. All other channels are useless, because, with the module, employees always maintain an overview.

  • Analyze

    Statistics are important for companies to identify improvement potential and change requests. Therefore, a reporting page with real-time data is available within the module.

Contract Management

With the contract management module, you have your contracts under control. Set deadlines and responsibilities and store digital contract documents on the intranet.

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Contract Management
  • Easy access

    Contracts and other documents are often located throughout a company and can be difficult to track down. This module enables authorized employees, to access all contracts independently of their location.

  • Searchability

    All uploaded contracts are sent to the central search index.

  • Versioning

    Replace old contracts with new contracts and keep track of the entire history.

  • Reminders

    Every contract can be linked to a contact in your directory. By creating a task, the responsible employee will receive an email reminder for specified due dates. In this way, you will never miss important deadlines.


The Messenger Module allows you to instantly reach your employees via email or SMS notification, regardless of their device.

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push notification
  • Share

    Send specific information or news via Messenger Module to alert your employees in record-breaking time.

  • Schedules

    Preplan important information or news to be sent automatically at certain times.

  • Define

    Create and manage specific target groups in the user management sections. Then use these groups for easy send-outs.

  • Measure

    After sending a message, easily monitor how many employees have opened the message and via reports.

  • Reach

    Thanks to the reporting function you can be certain that your message has been seen and critical information has been received by your employees. Send reminders to employees that have not actively acknowledged your information.


A new board member is to be elected? Your team is to decide on a specific tool? With the voting module you can easily create and evaluate votes. The intranet users can then easily select and comment on the given choices. This way you don't need to keep a list and you can see the result of a vote directly at a glance.

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  • Create poll

    Easily create polls with voting options for which the desired people can cast a vote.

  • Report

    See the result of your vote at a glance. For non-anonymous polls, you can also view the voting list.

  • Anonymous poll

    Let intranet users vote anonymously.

Course management

With the course management module you can manage your courses, trainings, events, and participant lists in one place. All employees can easily and quickly register for a course.

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  • Create

    Any number of training courses can be created. You can define each course and event with various attributes such as location, target group, costs, number of participants, etc.

  • Register

    Employees can register online for a course or event. If the number of participants is reached, they will be placed on a waiting list. You have the option of registering a person for a course manually.

  • Participant list

    You can see in real-time which employees have registered or canceled for a course or an event.

Short-term assignment

Unexpected absences of personnel are common. When looking for replacements, many companies still call their colleagues at home. The Short-term Assignment Module will reduce the time wasted on calls.

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Short-term assignment
  • Push notification

    Write a short message indicating the details of the short term assignment and send it out to a customizable recipient group.

  • Confirm or reject

    Employees receive your request via Push or SMS notifications. They can then confirm quickly and easily with a simple “Yes” or “No”.

External contacts

The External Contact Module is an easily accessible directory listing various external contacts and services. In this way, your employees can benefit from the organization’s internal network.

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External contacts
  • Create

    A limitless number of categories can be created. Moreover, the contacts can be filtered by category.

  • Manage

    You can enter a wide variety of additional information to each contact such as name, address, website link, email addresses as well as an individualized comment field.

Single Sign-On

The Single Sign-On Module makes it possible to synchronize the user data of your employees directly with the Active Directory.

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  • Register

    All users who are registered in the Active Directory are automatically entered as users in the intranet. Roles can be assigned via authorization mapping.

  • Manage

    If users in the Active Directory are deleted or blocked, the access to the intranet is also automatically blocked.


The Marketplace Module is a digital bulletin board which can be used by everyone who has access to your intranet.

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  • Advertise

    All employees can use the marketplace to sell their own items and to browse other users' offers.

  • Validity

    Every advertisement has a limited validity. Once the validity period has expired, the advertisement will automatically disappear. The administrator can manage the advertisement or, if necessary, remove it.


The Library And Loan System Module gives you access to books and objects across various locations. Every item is marked with an ISBN number.

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  • Loan and return

    As an employee, you can borrow every item which is listed in the inventory.

  • Inventory

    You can organize internal orders, view the current inventory list, and see where items are located.

  • Keep the overview

    All reservations can be managed by a module administrator. Keep an overview of which items are borrowed, where and from whom.


The agenda module allows board members, shareholders or cooperative members to submit and vote for agenda items for general meetings. If the vote reaches a certain percentage, the agenda item is included.

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  • Create a meeting

    Create meetings where requests for agenda items can be submitted. Set a deadline for submission and the number of votes required for each individual meeting.

  • Submit a motion

    Board members, shareholders or members of the cooperative can submit motions for additions to the agenda and describe their concerns within a time limit for the respective meetings.

  • Vote

    If a submitted application is approved, all board members, shareholders or members of the cooperative can vote for the various applications. If a motion has reached a certain percentage, it is included as an item on the agenda.


Are you looking for something unique? Luna is a very flexible platform that can be extended according to your needs.

We are a team of nine people, who develops and implements intelligent software solutions. If required, our team can develop a customized module for you. Please contact us to get more informations.

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