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With outstanding features, flexible modules and personalized support, Luna Intranet is the CMS solution to keep your business on track.

Why Luna?

The solution that unifies your company’s information in one single place

Content and knowledge management

Luna Intranet is an all-in-one solution. It is customizable to what your company values in a CMS, allows mobile access and includes an elastic search function. The content management system allows you to flexible organize content and cross reference it with each other.


Luna Intranet offers various different modules to extend your personalized intranet platform. Need more? Don’t worry - we can develop a customized module specifically to fit your needs.

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Success Package

Building and managing a new site can be tricky in the beginning. But don’t fear - With our comprehensive support, you will be able to independently create and maintain the content for your intranet platform.

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Get the modules your company needs



To ensure you have a good start with your intranet, the standard module offers all the basic functionalities.

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  • Content Delivery

    You can independently create, edit, and publish the content for your intranet with your CMS. Be creative and combine the various templates with the different blocks to create unique content experiences for your users. It is easy-to-use and with our success package, we will support you all of the way.

  • Knowledge Management

    Manage your company’s knowledge and make relevant information available to your entire workforce, no matter how they interact with your systems.

  • User Management

    Your administrator sets up user accounts and can assign or revoke access authorizations. The identification of the user takes place via a user name and an associated password (an email is not required, but can be used). All of this can also be automated by using our Single-Sign-on module to connect with your Active Directory.

  • Additional Modules

    Expand your intranet with additional modules

  • Messenger

    Reach your employees immediately, regardless of their device.

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  • Contract Management

    File contracts and documents in one place and access them anytime, anywhere.

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  • Short-term assignment

    Send push, mail or SMS notifications for short-term assignments to your employees.

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  • CIRS

    Improve patient safety with an anonymous reporting system of critical incidents.

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  • Library

    Exchange books and objects via a lending system between various locations.

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  • External contacts

    Offer your employees a list of all external contacts in a directory.

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  • Single Sign-On

    Synchronize the user data of your employees with the Active Directory.

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  • Marketplace

    Employees can sell their own items and browse other users' offers.

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  • Course management

    Manage your courses, trainings, events, and participant lists in one place.

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  • Jobs and applications

    Manage the whole application process in one tool.

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  • Service Desk

    Luna's ticket system is the solution for a successful customer experience.

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  • Agenda

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